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Dana Anspach

Just in Case

By January 30, 2013

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I wouldn't exactly call myself a technology junkie, but there are a few gadgets I have most certainly developed a co-dependent relationship with. Yes, of course, my iPhone and iPad top the list, but ahead of even those is my Jabra ear piece. It connects to either my cell phone, work phone or computer. It goes with me everywhere as it seamlessly moves from my office phone to cell.

Twice now my dogs have chewed up my ear piece and I felt disoriented for days. I spend a considerable amount of office time on the phone and having to hold the receiver up to my ear and not being able to type at the same time felt like a handicap. The last time I had to order a new one, I ordered two. To me, this was cheap insurance to avoid a week or two of uncomfortable phone calls. I keep the extra ear piece in my desk drawer, just in case. Maybe I'll never use it. Maybe the current one I have will last until I replace the system with something new. I don't know, but it brings me peace of mind to have an extra.

I did the same thing with my TV remote. I think the dogs think this is my version of a bone. After a long day at work I sit down with it clutched to my chest and it seems to have my avid attention. They pounce on any opportunity to chew on it. I try to remember to leave it out of their reach, but as I am rather absent-minded at times, in the last year I think I have made six trips to the cable office to replace chewed up remotes. The last time, I bought two. Once again, cheap insurance. I keep the extra remote hidden away in a kitchen drawer, just in case.

Peace of mind and "just in case" insurance are a part of financial planning too. The foundation of this is your emergency fund. No one likes to see cash sitting around in savings accounts or money markets earning near nothing - but you know why you keep it there? Just in case.

In this article Top Ten Reasons to Have an Emergency Fund I address how much you should have, and where you might want to stash it.

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