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Control Your Retirement Destiny

Control Your Retirement Destiny


Dana Anspach has been About.com's MoneyOver55 Expert since 2008. She is also a contributor to MarketWatch as one of their RetireMentors, and the author of the book Control Your Retirement Destiny (Apress 2013), which is written specifically for the 50+ crowd to provide practical, how-to knowledge on what to do to get your finances in order to prepare for a transition out of the workforce.

Dana is also the founder of Sensible Money, LLC, a fee-only (meaning they sell no financial products for a commission) professional services firm which offers retirement planning and investment management services.

You can follow Dana at Sensible Money on Facebook or Twitter where you'll find more free content and conversations.

To get in touch, call her office at 888-MY-RETIRE (888-697-3847), or send her an email at moneyover55@aboutguide.com.


Practicing since 1995, Dana is a Certified Financial PlannerTM, Retirement Management Analyst,SM, a Kolbe Certified ConsultantTM, member of NAPFA (National Association Of Personal Financial Advisors), FPA (Financial Planning Association), and RIIA (Retirement Income Industry Association). She also serves as the Chair of the Practitioner Peer Review Committee for the Retirement Management Journal, a publication issued by the Retirement Income Industry Association.

By Dana Anspach:

Generating retirement income is about securing a defined outcome. It requires a different type of planning and investing than the savings phase.

In my book I describe retirement income planning like heading out on a road trip. Normally you know about how far you'll be driving, and whether it will be mostly city or highway driving. With that information you can estimate gas mileage and about when to fill up. But retirement is like a road trip where you don't know how long you'll be driving (what is referred to as longevity risk) and you don't know what driving conditions you'll encounter (what is referred to as sequence risk - meaning what rate of return will your savings and investments earn). You need a flexible plan to account for these unknowns. You have to know which items you can control to work around the items you can't.

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