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Social Security Spouse Benefit – Key Things to Know - Money Over 55
A Social Security benefit for a spouse is called a “spousal benefit”. It applies to current, widowed, and ex-spouses. Here is how it works.
Social Security Survivor Benefits for a Spouse - Money Over 55
Upon the death of a spouse, you are eligible for a social security survivor benefit as long as you have been married for at least 9 months. Here are additional ...
Ten Facts About an Ex-Spouse's Social Security Benefits
Here are ten facts about Social Security benefits for an ex spouse. Some of them may surprise you.
Can I Get Social Security Benefits Through My Spouse?
With spousal Social Security you can get retirement benefits through your spouse . Here's how it works.
Social Security Strategies to Increase Benefits - Money Over 55
Social security strategies can help you get more money out of your benefits - but each ... It allows you to collect a spousal benefit while accumulating delayed ...
Social Security Benefits And Divorce - Money Over 55 - About.com
How does divorce affect your or your ex-spouse's Social Security? Here's what you need to know.
Social Security Strategy - Collect A Spousal Benefit ... - Money Over 55
This Social Security may be a winning move for many married couples. Here's how to collect now - and later.
Social Security Survivor vs. Spousal Benefits - Money Over 55
There are a few key differences between a social security survivor benefit and a social security spouse benefit (spousal benefits taken while your spouse is alive.)
Social Security And Your Current Or Former Spouse - Money Over 55
So many couples I talk to do not understand how social security benefits for a spouse work. There are spousal social security benefits available at retirement, ...
The Social Security Widow Benefit - Retirement Planning - About.com
Fortunately, the Social Security widow benefit paid to surviving spouse's takes some of the financial sting away. Learn more about the Social Security Survivor's  ...
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