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Avoid Fraud

A little common sense goes along way in helping you recognize a scam. Learn common sense tips that will help you protect yourself from identity theft, and keep you away from fraudulent investments.

4 Ways A Custodian Protects You From Investment Fraud
Investment fraud, such as that perpetuated by Bernie Madoff, could have easily been avoided if investors followed one simple rule.

Avoid Scams Disguised As Enticing Offers
Many offers look just too good to be true, but we want to believe anyway. Learn to recognize and avoid such scams.

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft
Practical tips to help you protect your personal information.

Internet Safety: Avoid Email Scams
Con artists write emails that will tempt you to input your personal information. See what these emails look like so you don't become one of their victims.

Don't Lose Your Cash to Enticing Investment Offers
Don't lose your cash to enticing investment offers; tips from the Better Business Bureau.

Avoid Fraud and Investment Scams
Over 5 million seniors are subject to financial abuse each year. Don't become one of them.

Be Aware - Read Real Life Stories of Investment Fraud
Sounding sincere and knowledgeable, while making promises of high returns; these are some of the alluring techniques scams artists use to take your retirement money. Find out how people who thought they were making sound investment decisions put their trust in the wrong person, and ended up in disastrous investments.

Improve Your Chances Against ATM Card Scammers
ATM card scams are bolder and more creative than ever. For a while, you could stay safe by using bank-owned ATMs and sticking to well-lit locations. Not anymore. Justin, About.com's Banking Guide, offers tips on improving your chances against ATM card scammers.

How to Avoid Money-Sucking Frauds and Scams
Frauds and scams abound. They are perpetrated by skilled people. You can protect yourself and your money by learning the tell-tale signs.

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