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Twas The End of the Year and All Through the Land

MoneyOver55 2012 Year End Poem


Twas the end of the year and all through the land
The economists were speculating, where do we stand?
The charts and graphs were plotted in color with care
In hopes that increasing GDP would be spotted there.

Consumers were nestled at home in their beds
Having spent less than usual considering the tax increases ahead.
Obama was in the White House and Bernanke at the fed,
As we headed straight toward the fiscal cliff with a sense of dread.

When out on CNBC there arose such a clatter,
TV monitors sprang to life to see what was the matter.
Glued to the screen in a moment of awe,
It’s with utter amazement I relay what I saw.

Not a single stock symbol scrolled on the screen
And not one pontificator was to be seen.
Instead, from what my sleepy eyes could tell,
There was one simple gal, ready to cast her spell.

She stood there, calm, with her laptop in hand,
And started typing quickly, her words for the land.
“My mission,” she typed, “is really quite clear.
It’s to help you save more, year after year.

After all, it’s truly amazing what you might save,
When you have objective advice that teaches you how to behave.
You need words that offer both the pros and cons
So you can make smart decisions without being pawns.

First, you see, you need to learn how to create a good plan
And how what matters the most is to save what you can.
It’s not timing the market or finding the right stock,
That’s all a bunch of BS we spin for the clock.

It’s finding work, family and a life you enjoy,
Then saving ahead for your favorite toys.
It’s investing wisely using funds with low fees,
Not trading every day as we’d normally have you believe.

It’s creating an asset allocation that can last for years
Despite cliffs, elections and other big fears.
Its managing taxes, no matter what tax rates do;
These are the things that make money for you.

Smart planning pays off, there’s absolutely no doubt
So why isn’t it something we normally talk much about?
Well, it’s boring and the advertisers don’t pay us much
To talk about matters that don’t sell more of their stuff.

But ‘tis the season to be generous and get the record set straight;
If you haven’t got a plan, it’s never too late.”
And then with a flash, that smart gal was gone
And there was Jim Cramer, singing his usual song.

I rubbed my eyes thinking it must have been a dream
But then a small little note rolled across the screen.
MoneyOver55” it said, “That’s where you go”
When you want real advice that puts YOU in the know.

I smiled because I knew the message had to get out
And I was just the one to run to the rooftop and shout.
“There are newsletters, articles, stories and blogs
That will help you see your way through this nonsensical fog.

Whether the market goes up or the market goes down,
If you have good advice, you know you won’t drown.
You can laugh and play and eat turkey and pie
Knowing your MoneyOver55 writer is a source upon which you can always rely.”

And so the end of the year came rolling right in,
But for those MoneyOver55 readers, it came with a grin.
And for those who aren’t smiling, well heck, help them out,
Send them a link and tell them MO55 will help get them en route.

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