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Book Review - One Up On Wall Street

Peter Lynch Offers Sage Advice in One Up On Wall Street


One Up On Wall Street

Book Title: One Up On Wall Street
Compare Prices Author: Peter Lynch

Readability: Story format makes it easy to read.
Technicality: Not too technical.
Provides Practical, How To Knowledge On: How to think about and research stocks and the market. Many years later, Peter Lynch's sage advice is still rock solid.

Summary: One Up On Wall Street offers insight into the mind of one of the greatest money managers of all times. With humor, Peter Lynch helps you discover that he is a normal guy that thinks rationally, believes in research, asks plenty of questions, and gets caught off guard by the market at times, just like anyone else.

Peter Lynch brings the stocks he bought to life, each with its own story, backed by facts. If you like history, and are interested in investing, you’ll find this book a delightful to read. Anyone thinking about buying individual stocks ought to read this book before they ever make their first purchase.

Downside: One Up On Wall Street makes you realize that successful stock picking takes work. If you’re looking for the get rich quick book, this one isn’t for you.

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