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Budgeting & Savings Tips For Ages 55+

Budgeting is an important tool to use at any age, although to many of us it sounds like a four letter word. Here you'll find practical ideas for budgeting and saving that make managing expenses easy. Taking control of your money feels good. Read on for tips that tell you the right way to change spending habits and learn why the wrong ways don't work.
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  3. Live Happily On Less (7)
  4. Money Lessons (6)
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5 Ways To Embrace Holiday Gift Giving Without Busting Your Budget
Holiday gift giving can wreak havoc on your budget… but not this year. Share the five ideas below with family and friends and you can all agree to start a new tradition, embrace the holiday spirit, and amazingly enough, spend wisely - all at the same time!

Save & Budget
You all want to make smart decisions with your money. Until you've figured out how to budget and save, that's difficult to do. When you have a good handle on where your money goes, and how to save, you'll feel fantastic! Below are ideas, tips and worksheets to help you take control.

Top Ten Reasons to Have an Emergency Fund
Having an emergency fund can change your life for the better. Here are the top ten reasons to have one.

Affordable Health Insurance
Top 10 ways to get affordable health insurance with no job or little money.

5 Key Components to Your Relationship with Money
There are 5 parts to your relationship with money. Make sure they're all healthy.

Lesson Three: On Savings - If You Fund No Other Accounts, Fund This One
A few simple lessons on savings and our whole country would be in great shape. It's common sense advice - we just have to use it! Help me spread the word on the three savings lessons below.

4 Ways To Love Yourself With Money
Love yourself with money? Some of you are already thinking "Yippee! Time for a spending spree!" Sorry to ruin the moment, but, really, that is not at all what I have in mind. Loving yourself is about making adult-like, responsible decisions. So, if you're ready to leave the quick-fixes behind and start loving you and your finances, here are four ways to get started.

Find Missing Money
Are you missing money? If you have moved a few times, chances are you could have unclaimed refund checks or deposits waiting out there for you. Here is how you go about finding missing money.

What Will You Be Doing at 78?
Whether it’s riding or writing, I know what I’m passionate about. My passions dictate how I spend my time, my money, and how I make numerous decisions in my life. A fancy car? No thanks, I need to haul a dirt bike trailer around. An expensive purse? Ha. I’d much rather put a new exhaust system on my bike. Staying healthy? Absolutely - because I...

7 Places to Look For Unclaimed Money
People lose money when they move, change names or fill out a form with an error in their address. Millions of dollars are waiting to be claimed. Some of it might be yours. Here are seven ways to find unclaimed money that might be waiting for you.

How to Control Spending – Use a Financial Fast
The fastest way to save more is to spend less, but that's not always as easy as it sounds. To learn how to immediately control spending, try a financial fast. I promise you it's effective.

8 Steps to Starting Over Financially
Starting over financially can be overwhelming at first. These 8 steps will get you on the right track.

5 Ways to Become a Millionaire
How do you become a millionaire? There are multiple ways to work toward this goal. Here are five ways to work toward having a million in the bank.

Top 3 Millionaire Calculators
Want to know if you can become a millionaire? These are the three best millionaire calculators I could find. They show you how much to save to reach your millionaire goals.

Lesson Two: On Banks – Only Do Business with Banks When You Have To
The financial industry (banks, finance companies, loan operations) and the US Government are entities from which you need to protect yourself, for your entire adult life. Here's why.

Affordable Retirement Communities
On a tight budget? Check out these 8 affordable retirement communities.

Lesson Eight: On Automobiles - There’s Nothing Wrong with Driving Used Cars
There’s nothing wrong with driving used cars, especially ones that provide good gas mileage, reasonable repair costs, and excellent reliability. By getting the most out of my used vehicle, I’ve saved $60,000 over what others have spent.

Lesson Ten: On Values and Financial Choices - You Can Have Anything You Want
Remember, in this great capitalistic country of ours, you can have anything you want but maybe not everything you want. How? By finding a financial path that is right for you, making financial choices that keep you on that path, and choosing to live with financial discipline.

Lesson Nine: On Spending – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Purchase Things ...
There are an infinite number of small ways in which you can save money and stretch your income. In the long run, developing the discipline to consistently take advantage of small methods of saving and cutting costs will result in building real wealth. Here are a few ways to get started.

10 Ways to Save More Money
Several of these ten ways to save money may surprise you. Why? Sometimes you can trick yourself into saving more by doing a few things that may seem unrelated to saving.

How to Organize Your Finances for Retirement
Getting close to retirement? Here are 5 key things you can do to organize your finances for a transition into retirement.

Star Wars' Yoda Has 10 Money Lessons for You
What can you learn about money from Star Wars? Quite a bit. These 10 Yoda quotes will get you re-thinking how you approach financial success.

From Broke to Retired in 10 years. How You Can Do It.
You can revolutionize your financial life and completely rebuild in less than ten years. Here's how.

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