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5 Ways To Embrace Holiday Gift Giving Without Busting Your Budget

Bring The Holiday Spirit Back With These Creative Holiday Gift Ideas


Holiday gift giving can wreak havoc on your budget… but not this year. Share the five ideas below with family and friends and you can all agree to start a new tradition, embrace the holiday spirit, and spend wisely - all at the same time!

1. Buy Toys, Exchange And Donate - The Best Family Holiday Gift Idea I've Heard

This is by far one of the best holiday gift giving ideas I’ve heard. Instead of buying gifts for one another, all the family names go into the proverbial “hat”. Each person picks a name. With a $25 limit in mind, you have to go pick out a toy that reflects something about the person’s personality whose name you drew. The toys are exchanged over the holidays, and then all the toys are donated to an organization like Toys For Tots. I love it! I can’t think of a better way to embrace the holiday spirit while still having a Christmas morning full of laughter and fun!

2. Mutually Agree To Set A Dollar Limit On All Holiday Gifts

The easiest way to reign in holiday spending is to simply suggest to family and friends that you set a dollar limit on gifting this year, with each holiday gift to cost less than $50 or $25, for example. If a few people want to spend more than that, suggest they embrace the holiday spirit and donate the funds to your favorite charity instead!

3. Save Time, and Money By Drawing Names

If you have a big family, even with a dollar limit, holiday gift giving can be expensive and time consuming. This year try setting a dollar limit and drawing names, with each person only buying a gift for the person whose name they have drawn. To truly embrace the holiday spirit, agree as a family to use all that time you saved to volunteer somewhere together!

4. Recycle – Yes, It Can Work For Holiday Gifts If You Do It Like This

One of the best holiday parties I attended was one where we were required to bring something we already had in our home; something we no longer wanted or didn’t need, that we thought someone else might enjoy. Then the fun began with a white elephant gift exchange format. All the wrapped gifts were put in a pile. Each person drew a number. Number one got to pick their gift first. Number two could choose from the remaining gifts, or “steal” number one’s gift, making number one pick a new one. Number three could “steal” number one or two’s gift, or pick from the pile. And so on. Each gift could only be “stolen” three times. This was a blast, and oh-so inexpensive!

5. What? No Holiday Gifts At All?

Some families have foregone holiday gift giving all together, instead choosing to volunteer together and/or use all their pooled funds to buy for a less fortunate family. What a way to create a memorable holiday where it truly is about others!
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