1. Money

Save & Budget


You all want to make smart decisions with your money. Until you've figured out how to budget and save, that's difficult to do. When you have a good handle on where your money goes, and how to save, you'll feel fantastic! Below are ideas, tips and worksheets to help you take control.
  1. Budgeting
  2. Live Well on Less
  3. Earn More To Save More


Picture of a couple budgeting.

The key to financial success is simple: spend less than you make. Below you’ll find great tips on how to do that through budgeting, which is the process of watching and managing your expenses.

Live Well on Less

Piggy Bank on Beach

Here you’ll find tips on fun, creative ways to buy the things you want for less. Some of the ideas below can help you stretch your money farther than you ever thought possible.

Earn More To Save More

Help Wanted

One of the greatest assets you have is your own unique set of skills. Don’t take them for granted. Whether it is a life-long career you’ve had, or a hobby you enjoy, learn to use your skills to maximize your income. You’ll find that having ways to earn extra income will give you options that other people don’t have.

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