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Careers in Later Life

With baby boomers leaving the work force, America could soon experience a shortage of experienced workers. This time in your life could be the perfect time to start a new career, rekindle an old one, find part-time work, or start a new business. Find resources here.
  1. Late Careers

Lesson One: On Hard Work - There Is Nothing but Honor in Honest Labor
I learned a lot about myself that summer. I learned that if I wanted, I could put in 10 or 12 hours a day of hard work. I learned there is nothing but honor in honest labor. I became an unabashed fan of capitalism. I saw how quickly money could accumulate in a savings account...

Earning Extra Money Can Be Easier Than You Think
Earning extra money is the fastest way to rebuild retirement plans. Here is a list of articles filled with tips and ideas on how to make extra money to jumpstart your own plans.

How Others Have Found Their Second Careers
Sometimes you don't know what's possible until you see someone else who has done it. These real-life stories showcase all kinds of ways boomers have found fulfilling second careers.

6 Steps To Take Before You Start A Consulting Business
Later life careers - Six steps to take before you start a consulting business.

6 Steps To Research A Small Busines Start Up
Starting s small business is work. You want it to pay off. Take these 6 steps before you start a small business and you'll increase your odds of building a profitable small business.

How To Look Younger - To Make More Money
Looking younger makes you feel great - and it may improve your earning power. Hmmm... sounds like an investment that might be worth making.

Don't Neglect Your Greatest Asset: Your Career
Extending the life of your career can have a substantial impact on your balance sheet. Think of your career as your greatest asset; improve your work life balance, and watch your net worth grow.

The Boomer's Future
One boomer's success story: she left corporate America and found a career that was right for her.

The 50+ Workforce is Growing
A great article for the 50+ workforce.

Over 50? Find Jobs Here
Find employers who are specifically looking for workers over age 50.

Plastic Surgery - Would You Do It?
In a competitive market, let’s face it: how you look matters. How you feel about yourself matters too. And in today's world, with enough money, you can make significant changes to how you look... and to how old you look. It's really a personal choice, and I'd like to hear your opinion. Would you spend the money on plastic surgery? Why... or why not?

How To Find Fulfilling Work in Retirement
Finding work you love can change your entire definition of retirement. Here are five things to look at when searching for a second career that doesn't feel like work.

Retired Brains for Retired Brains
RetiredBrains® is a site built by retired brains for retired brains. It has an impressive amount of quality information on finding temporary jobs, starting your own business, working from home, writing your resume, finding full-time work, continuing education… and all the information is geared for the 55+ audience.

Am I Self Employed?
If you pick up part-time work, odd jobs here and there, or start a business, you'll need to figure out if you are self-employed, and if so, what taxes you will need to pay.

Working in Retirement - 3 Things to Know
Some work in retirement because they want to, others because they have to. Either way, here are three things you need to know about working after retirement.

Joyce Russell, Guest Author
Joyce Russell is the President of Adecco Staffing. Her articles as a Guest Author for About.com MoneyOver55 provide valuable career tips and advice for the over 50 job seeking crowd.

Careers for Over 50 - Getting the Mature Worker Back to Work
Contrary to what you may think, mature workers are in demand. Here are five tips to use when seeking a new career over the age of 50.

Job Search Sites for Those 50+
The job search sites below are more than just job search sites. They help match employers who are specifically seeking older workers with older workers seeking work, and they inspire with stories of success, as wells as provide resources for those who want to start something new.

IRA Rollovers for Business Start Ups
Need capital to fund a business? If you do it right, you can use IRA money to start a business, with no taxes or penalties.

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