1. Money
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How Others Have Found Their Second Career - And How You Can Too

Real Life Stories On Finding Fulfilling Second Careers


Changing careers mid-stream is scary. But who wants to work their whole life doing something they can't stand? The links below take you to real life stories about people who found creative ways to make a living - and find fulfillment with their second career choices.

1. Talent Is Overrated

Is you're not a natural born something-or-other how do you become an expert in your field? How do you develop the passion and focus necessary to excel? You can do it, and it might not be as difficult as you think. This article tells you how.

2. Hiring Yourself

When you can't find a job, how about hiring yourself by becoming an entrepreneur? It has worked well for many. This article is about Boomers who didn't find retirement as fulfilling as they thought; they passed on retirement, instead choosing to take on new challenges with alternate careers and small business start ups.

3. Reinvent Your Career

Give up? Not a chance. These inspiring workers decided they would do whatever it takes to get through tough times; some found creative ways to reinvent themselves. Learn how they did it and what inspired them.

4. Head Back To School

Thinking about a completely new direction? It's not too late. This article is packed with stories of boomers headed back to school, and it's filled with practical resources you can use to continue your own education.

5. It's Not The Pay, It's The Perks

Instead of working for money, many are choosing to work for perks. Some may call these hobby jobs; regardless of what you call them, the workers in this article find them quite enjoyable. Maybe you would too.

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