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Protect your assets by using qualified advisors with the right credentials. Learn what qualities to seek out when searching for a financial advisor and what things you must avoid.
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10 Things Your Financial Advisor Might Not Be Telling You
Financial planning advice that you might not hear about from your advisor. These ten things can be overlooked by advisors because many advisors have no way to be compensated by talking to you about them.

Lesson Seven: On Getting Advice - Use Only a Fee Only Financial Advisor
As for financial advice, always discuss any and all investment options that you are considering with a professional. A fee only NAPFA, National Association of Professional Financial Advisor, is always a good person to go to for advice.

Financial Planning vs Investment Advice vs Retirement Planning
Financial planning, investment advice and retirement planning are not the same thing. Make sure you understand the difference before you search for the service you need.

What Will A Good Investment Advisor Do For Me?
Investment advice and financial planning are two different services. What should you expect from a good investment advisor? Here is what they should do for you.

What Will A Good Financial Planner Do For Me?
Financial planning is about far more than investing. It is about coordinating all your financial decisions. Here is what a good financial planner will do.

The Only Life Insurance Advisor You'll Ever Need
Life insurance: is it an investment or an insurance product? How can you get objective advice; advice not influenced by the high commissions that insurance companies pay out to their agents? Try using a fee-only life insurance advisor.

Need Legal Advice? Post Messages, Chat or Find an Attorney
A comprehensive site that allows you to research legal issues, chat online with people who have similar legal questions, ask an attorney your question, or search for a qualified attorney.

Check Your Broker's Complaint Record
Before doing business with an investment professional, check their history to see if there are any customer complaints on file.

Determining the Quality of Your Financial Advisor
Advisors frequently solicit you. They all claim to be financial experts. How do you determine the quality of their claims? Use this site to stay informed: find webinars, editorials, special reports and more valuable information about investments and the financial advisors who sell them.

What Will a Good Retirement Planner Do for Me?
A good retirement planner does a lot more than look at your investments. With the right type of planning they can help you increase your after-tax retirement income.

Are Independent Financial Advisors Unbiased?
Independent financial advisors are compensated in many ways, and all can have biases. The key is learning what to look for. Here's how to find a great independent financial advisor.

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