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Health Insurance Information For Ages 55+

Here you'll find information specific to health insurance decisions for ages 55+.
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Why Fund an HSA Instead of an IRA or 401k
Health savings accounts, or HSAs, may offer a way to manage health care expenses more tax-efficiently in retirement. Because of this they can make a good alternative to an IRA. Here's why.

Medicare Part B Premiums
Medicare is not free. You will pay a premium for your Medicare Part B and D benefits. The more income you have, the more you'll pay. Find current and past Medicare Part B premium schedules here.

When and How to Apply for Medicare
Almost 65? Over 65? Covered by a group health plan still? Not yet enrolled in social security? Here are the guidelines as to when and how you should apply for medicare.

Is There a High Degree of Scientific Certainty in Modern Medicine?
Fascinating articled on health care advice and diagnostics. Sounds much like financial services; part science, part art, part guesswork.

My Health Insurance Is Through My Employer? What Do I Do When…
Your health insurance has always been provided by your employer, but now you're preparing for retirement. What do you do? You’ll want to follow the steps below to evaluate your health insurance retirement options.

Resources On Senior Health Insurance
Want to explore your senior health insurance options? Start with this site! It is a fabulous resource!

2012 Medicare Part B Premiums
For those enrolling in Medicare in 2012, you will pay the standard Medicare Part B premium of $99.40 per month unless your income exceeds the limits stated below.

2011 Medicare Part B Premiums
For those enrolling in Medicare in 2011, you will pay the standard Medicare Part B premium of $115.40 per month unless your income exceeds the limits stated below.

How to Pay for Assisted Living Costs
Assisted living care is not included in most health insurance policies, and it can be expensive. What will you do if you or a loved one needs care? Here are the best places to start your search for resources that can help pay for assisted living care costs.

How to Begin Your Search for an Assisted Living Facility
Many costs associated with an assisted living facility are not covered by health insurance or Medicare. Budgeting for short and long term care is one of the many things to consider when locating a facility for you or a loved one. Here are additional things to consider.

Rising Healthcare Costs and Your Retirement
Have you accounted for rising healthcare costs in your budget? Here's how to estimate what those costs may be.

2013 Medicare Part B Premiums
Medicare Part B premiums in 2014 remain the same as in 2013, starting at $105 a month and increasing for higher income earners.

What is Medicare?
Medicare Part B premiums vary based on your income. The more income you have, the more you pay. Details here.

Health Insurance For Ages 50 - 64
Through carefully selected insurers, AARP makes available a range of health related products, services and insurance programs. While AARP is not the insurer, these products are designed exclusively for its members.

Is a Health Savings Account A Good Idea If You Are Over 55?
A health savings account, or HSA, with a high deductible insurance plan may help you significantly reduce your health insurance premiums, but there are risks. Know them before you switch.

5 Things You Must Know About Health Exchanges Starting January 1 2014
Early retirement has become more feasible. New health exchanges that begin January 1, 2014 will make it easier for you to acquire health insurance coverage. Here's what you need to know.

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