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5 Must See Stock Market Maps

Market Maps That Chart Stock Market Data in Dynamic, Moving Color


A stock market map provides a dynamic, colorful way to view the performance of stocks, asset classes, sectors, or an entire country’s stock market relative to its peers. These 5 market maps are super cool. You've got to see them to appreciate the way they relay data.

1. Morningstar Indexes - Mapped in Color

Morningstar Index Market Map
Morningstar's market map is the simplest of the five. It let's you easily see how nine asset classes such as growth, value, large-cap, and small-cap have performed in relationship to each other. In total it is showing the results of 16 different indexes. It's updated each day at market close. It's a great tool to illustrate that "the market" is not one cohesive thing that moves in the same direction.

2. MarketWatch's Map Of The Market - By Sector

Map of The Market by SmartMoney
Map of The Market by SmartMoney
With this map, you quickly see each sector of the market; financials, healthcare, energy, utilities, basic materials, consumer cyclical, technology, capital goods, telecom, transportation, and consumer staples. Within each sector you can hover your mouse over any square to see which stock is represented and how each has performed relative to the others. For additional perspective, change the time frame at the bottom of the map to 26 weeks, or 52 weeks, instead of the default "since close" view.

3. Sharebuilder's Heat Map - Allows You to Customize

HeatMap's High Rated, Low Expense Fund Market Map
Want to view your favorite stocks? Or just the winners (shown in green) or losers (shown in red)? Sharebuilder's online Heat Map offers plenty of options. You can choose from their pre-set maps or create your own. My favorite is the one shown: their high rated, low expense mutual fund map.

4. Financial Visualizations - Bubbles, 3D, and More

Bubble Market Map
This is one of the coolest market maps I have seen, showing each stock in the S&P 500 in a bubble format. They also have this market map in 3D squares! Be sure to check out their world view map too. Love this site. Love the creative ways they view data.

5. Stockmapper - Looks Like Tetrus

Stockmapper's Market Map
Stockmapper seems to take a little longer to load, but once it does, in the top right try changing the view from ticker symbol, to percent change, to volume, to market cap. It's like watching a giant Tetrus game unfold before you.

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