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From health insurance to long term care to life insurance, the bottom line is your insurance needs change later in life. Find out what type of coverage you might need, and who to buy it from.
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How To Review An Insurance Policy
It is important to review your insurance policies on a periodic basis. The easiest way to organize and review your insurance policies is to create a one page policy summary for each insurance policy that you have.

Basics To Know And Review About Your Insurance Policy
Basics you ought to know and review about each insurance policy you have.

Details To Review About Your Insurance Policy
When you review your insurance policy, it is important to look at benefits and restrictions in detail.

Im RetiredDo I Still Need Life Insurance?
I Retired: Do I Still Need Life Insurance? To answer this, first you must understand that life insurance isn't really about insuring your life.

Understanding and Choosing Life Insurance
Do you still need life insurance? What type is best for you?

You May Qualify for Insurance Discounts
An amazing resource detailing insurance discounts that may apply to empty nesters. Detailed info is provided for auto, home, life and health insurance.

Before You Buy Any Type of Insurance
Before you buy any type of insurance be sure to get the facts. Download or order the applicable consumer guide; there are even guides to cancer insurance, medicare supplements and annuities.

Longevity Insurance And How To Use It
Used correctly, longevity insurance may allow you to spend more in your younger years, knowing a solid layer of guaranteed income will be waiting for you if you beat the mortality tables. Here is a brief overview of longevity insurance, and how to use it.

How A State Insurance Guaranty Association Protects You
In the event an insurance company gets itself into financial trouble and cannot be rehabilitated, the state insurance guaranty association will take over. Here is what you need to know about how a state insurance guaranty association protects you in the event of an insurance company bankruptcy.

What Happens If Your Insurance Company Files Bankruptcy?
As a policy owner it is natural to be concerned about what would happen to your benefits should your insurance company go bankrupt. It may not be as bad as you think.

Do I Need Life Insurance Over 50?
Are you over 50 and looking at buying life insurance? If so, plan first. You need to know how much, and what type to buy. Here are 5 questions to ask about life insurance over 50.

SGLI - Military Life Insurance Benefits and Post Retirement Coverage
SGLI is low cost life insurance offered to members of the military. It offers limited options for continuing coverage in retirement, but the real question is, do you even need life insurance in retirement.

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