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Interpreting Economic and Financial News

In a single hour you can see one expert predict doom and gloom followed by another talking of good times ahead. Who do you believe? Here you'll find a no-nonsense interpretation of the economic and financial news.
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Best Personal Finance And Investment Magazines
Pick a finance magazine, or two or three, read them regularly, and you'll be amazed at what you learn in a relatively short amount of time. The problem is, with so many finance magazines on the market, where should you start? The list below will get you headed in the right direction.

Voices of Reason in the World of Market and Investment News
Sometimes, in the midst of the media mania of hype and sensation, you find voices of reason. Writers who want to deliver the truth, not just add to the madness. As these voices of reason are discovered, their articles, websites and video clip links will be added to this list.

Market Predictions - What Are They Saying Now
The professionals profiled here made accurate market predictions in the past. Just remember, even if their past predictions were accurate, that is no guarantee they will be right going forward.

Market Predictions - Who Got It Right?
The market predictions voiced by these academics turned out to be uncannily accurate. It doesn't mean they will always get it right going forward, but we can all learn from listening to what they have to say, and pay attention to their views going forward.

Your Money Over 55 Guide, Dana Anspach, In the News
Articles and TV interviews with Dana Anspach, your About.com's Guide to Money Over 55.

Current Events Should Not Form Long Term Investment Policy
Famed economist, Gene Fama, considered the Father of Modern Finance, shares insight on current events and investment policy.

Top 10 Economic Blogs You're Not Visiting (But Should Be)
A collection of blogs that offer interesting and funny commentary on today's events. Put together by Mike Moffatt, About.com's Guide to Economics.

Media Madness - How Should Investors Interpret Financial News?
Recession? Inflation? Stagnation? How can an investor sort through all the conflicting opinions and stories in the news and decide what to do?

These Web Sites Increase Government Transparency
Government transparency is rapidly improving. If you want to know what's going on in Washington these web sites will give you access to current information about where your taxpayer money is going.

Understanding the Financial News
Confused by conflicting economic and financial news? You're not the only one. To help people interpret what they see and hear in the news, Morningstar has created an entire online course called "Understanding the News".

Long-Term Investing: Hot or Not?
Headlines blaze with bold statements: "Beat the market!", "Get rich trading", "Five funds you must own." Should you follow their advice, or stick with a long term investment plan?

Historical And Currrent Inflation Rates In The United States - 1973 To Current
Is inflation running wild? Will it ravage your retirement? Historical inflation rates give insight into what is really going on.

Author Disclosures
Author disclosures for Dana Anspach, About.com's Guide to MoneyOver55.

Retirement Blogs - 10 Retirement Blogs Worth Reading
These top ten retirement blogs are bound to help you learn something that will prove valuable to you.

True or False? Find Out Before You Keep The Rumor Going
On Nov. 4, Anderson Cooper did the country a favor. He expertly deconstructed on his CNN show the bogus rumor that President Obama’s trip to Asia would cost $200 million a day. This was an important “story.” It underscored just how far ahead of his time Mark Twain was when he said a century before the Internet, “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” But it also showed that there is an antidote to malicious journalism — and that’s good journalism.

U.S. Measures of Inflation And How They Affect You
Understanding how inflation is measured and how it affects you in retirement is an important part of your retirement planning. Here are the basics.

What is a Bucket List?
The term bucket list has come to refer to a wish list of things you want to do before you "kick the bucket." It became popular after the January 2008 release of the movie The Bucket List. Here's some of the crazy stuff they did in the movie, as well as some ideas for the more budget conscious.

MoneyOver55 Top 2011 Blogs
Like to learn through stories? Here are my favorite 2011 MoneyOver55 financial musings. I think you'll find them entertaining and educational.

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Mark Cortazzo, CFP®, is the Founder and Senior Partner of MACRO Consulting Group.

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