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Manage Debt

Use debt correctly and it will help you reach your goals faster. Manage debt unwisely, and it may take years to recover. Learn how to manage your credit, use good debt, and avoid bad debt.

Lesson Four: On Debt - Retire On The Money You Save on Interest
In a financial bind? Here is what to do. Debt is something you can control.

List of Web’s Best Payoff Debt Calculators
These payoff debt calculators can help you determine not only how much you need to pay to get things paid off in a specific amount of time, but which order to pay them in.

How Does A Foreclosure Or Short Sale Affect Your Credit Score?
There are several ways a foreclosure or short sale affects your credit score. If done correctly, a short sale can have less of an affect on your credit score than a foreclosure.

What Affects Your Credit Score?
There are five components to your credit score and some carry more weight than others. It's important to know what they are so you can manage your credit score as needed.

Total Borrowed Vs Available Credit – A Big Factor In Your Credit Score
Starting in 2009, the total amount you borrow compared to your available credit is going to become a bigger factor in your credit score than it used to be.

Payment History, A Large Part Of Your Credit Score
Payment history is a big part of your overall credit score. In 2009 changes were made to the way your credit score is calculated. Here's what you need to know.

Do You Have Too Much Debt? How Much is Too Much?
Use debt-to-income ratios to determine if the amount of debt you have is reasonable. If not, create a step-by-step plan to lower your debt.

Margin Loans: Borrowing Against Your Investments
Using margin, or borrowing against your investments, is a double edged sword. It may produce great returns, or cost you a lot of money. Understand the risks before you use your investments as collateral.

Debt Management Tips for Seniors
Older Americans are accumulating record amounts of debt; sometimes a situation that can get out of hand. Smart Money provides five potential solutions.

10 Smart Steps to Tackling Debt
From the master's themselves; MasterCard provides 10 Smart Steps to Tackling Debt.

Keep The Home Or Let It Go To Foreclosure
If you had negative equity, would you keep the home, or let it go to foreclosure?

Help! How Do I Get Out Of Debt?
Struggling to get out of debt and not sure what to do? Before you try some debt consolidation plan you heard about on the radio, try a non-profit credit counseling service. They offer practical advice on how to get out of debt, deal with bankruptcy, foreclosure or other credit issues and it's free!

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