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Owning a Home / Rental / Investment Property

Whether you are trying to decide if you should sell your home when you retire, buy vacation property, or invest in commercial or rental real estate, you'll want to have considered all the pros and cons.
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  2. Vacation Homes

Lesson Five: On Buying a Home – A Home Is Not an Investment
Common sense advice on buying a home. If everyone followed this home buying advice our country would be in a rock solid financial situation.

3 Things You Must Know Before You Buy Rental Property
Thinking about buying rental property? Here are three things to consider before you buy.

Home Selling Mistakes
Home seller's biggest mistakes and how to avoid them.

How Rental Real Estate Tax Deductions Fit Into A Financial Plan
Is rental real estate a good investment? Sometimes it depends on your ability to use the rental real estate tax deduction.

Rules of Buying Real Estate in an IRA
You can buy real estate in an IRA, but it's not always such a good idea. Here's the rules on real estate IRAs, and who should and shouldn't do it.

Is Real Estate a Good Investment for Retirement
Real estate can can be a great investment if you go about it properly. Here's what it takes to make real estate a good investment.

Downsizing? Moving? Consider Hiring a Relocation Specialist
Moving is stressful, and moving a house you've been in for a lifetime can appear to be a daunting task. You can seek professional help with relocation specialists who are trained to assist with Late Life Transitions.

Commercial Real Estate Investing Tools and Analysis
A site dedicated to providing independent, value-added commercial real estate investing information and analysis at no cost.

Renting a Room in Your House in Retirement
Renting a room in your home can be a great way to bring in extra money in retirement. Here are 6 things that can help you decide if it is a good decision for you.

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