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After Retirement

After retirement it is important to monitor investments, understand IRA withdrawal rules, talk to your family about finances, and stay actively involved in your community. You'll also want to be prepared for aging and the choices you will face. You'll feel more secure knowing you're taking all the right steps. Find specific ideas and resources below.
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Ten Financial Life Lessons You Can’t Live Without
Financial memoirs can be a powerful thing. Think about the kind of lessons you want to impart to younger generations. That's exactly what this man did. And he wrote them down.

7 Secrets to a Happy Retirement
This is a great article by US News & World Report which shares research on the seven things happily retired people have in common.

6 Steps To Develop A Medical Emergency Plan
No one expects an emergency, but they still happen. Clear instructions help your family know what to do when such things happen. These six steps will help you design a medical emergency plan.

End of Life Decisions
End of life decisions: deciding when, where, and how to die is a controversial topic. If you can’t live life in a meaningful way, you may decide you’re ready to go.

9 Essential Steps To Reviewing Your Retirement Plan
Retirement planning is an ongoing process, even after retirement! Every few years it is important to use these nine essential steps to review your retirement plan.

Thinking About Relocating? See the Top 50 Cities for Seniors
If you're thinking about relocating after retirement, check out the list of top 50 cities, based on factors such as entertainment, housing affordability, quality of health care and public transportation.

Estate Pays $900,000 in Estate Tax That Could Easily Have Been Avoided
Many estates pay estate taxes that could have been avoided. Hopefully tax reform will change this, but right now estate planning for modest estates can save bundles in estate tax.

Is My Pension Safe?
Pension plans provide a source of guaranteed income, although in this case the word "guaranteed" is used loosely. Your monthly pension benefit may be safe; it may not. It depends on your age and the amount you receive. Learn more here.

What's Your Picture Of Retirement?
This series of pictures have been sent to me by clients or readers who are happily enjoying retirement. What's your picture of retirement?

Social Security Survivor Benefits for a Spouse
Upon the death of a spouse, you are eligible for a social security survivor benefit as long as you have been married for at least 9 months. Here are additional details on how much, what age, and documents needed to claim a social security survivor benefit.

Key Differences Between Social Security Survivor Benefits and Spousal Benefits
There are a few key differences between a social security survivor benefit and a social security spouse benefit (spousal benefits taken while your spouse is alive.)Understanding them can help clear up much of the information you find about social security benefits.

Social Security Death Benefits - Who, When and How Much
There are two types of Social Security death benefits paid out. One is a lump sum. The other is an ongoing monthly benefit called a survivor benefit.

How to Find Quality Elder Care for a Parent
After retirement you may find yourself helping parents locate assisted living services, or eventually looking for yourself. Here are some specific things you can do to find the right care facility for a loved one.

Will Your Estate Pay A Death Tax?
Under current tax law (2011 & 2012, subject to change after 2012) most of you will not pay a death tax (called an estate tax). Yet I see so much political propaganda and misleading media editorials on the death tax saying otherwise. Ignore it; most of you will not be subject to a death tax and here is why.

How to Pay for Assisted Living Costs
After retirement you may find yourself searching for assisted living help for yourself or a parent. Here are the best places to start your search for financial assistance that can help pay for assisted living care costs.

How to Close Affairs After the Loss of a Loved One
When closing the estate of a spouse or loved one it is easy to make costly mistakes. Here are 5 things you must and must not do after the loss of a loved one.

How to Get Passive Income in Retirement
Get creative in retirement and find ways to create passive income.

How to Begin Your Search for an Assisted Living Facility
Once retired, you may find you need to move yourself or a loved one into an assisted living facility. Here's how to begin your search to find the right place.

How Does Working After Retirement Affect My Social Security Benefits?
How does working after retirement affect your social security benefits? Benefits may be reduced if you have not reached full retirement age, and earn more than the current social security set earnings limit.

5 Things to do When Faced with Sudden Retirement
Have you found yourself unexpectedly retired? This can be scary. Here are 5 things you can do to regroup.

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