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There's a Lot That Goes Into Deciding When to Retire


Before you decide when to retire it is important to take your time and learn as much as possible. Many of the retirement decisions you will have to make are irrevocable decisions, such as when and how to collect Social Security, or deciding on your pension options. The links below take you to specific content that can help you choose your retirement age.

3 Things to Consider Before You Retire at 55

Retiring at 55 involves additional risks that those who retire later may not have to worry about. You have to think about longevity, health insurance, and find passions and interests that will keep you fit and mentally alert. If you are thinking about an early retirement, be prepared. This article will give you a solid overview of what you'll need to plan for.

What to Know Before You Retire at 62

If you are near 62 and trying to decide if this is when you should retire, check out this article. It covers things you need to know about Social Security at 62, Medicare at 65, IRA rollovers, consolidating accounts and required minimum distributions, (which start at age 70 1/2).

How to Retire at 65

At 65 Medicare begins, which may make it a little easier to retire at this age rather than earlier. Still, there is a lot to know. You need to list all sources of retirement income, and make a retirement budget. You also need to realize that you may not yet have reached Full Retirement Age as defined by Social Security. Learn more in this article.

Why Retire at 70

With long life expectancies, I think a lot of people ought to consider retiring at 70 instead of 62, or 65. There are several benefits to delaying retirement until 70 - such as getting the maximum amount of Social Security.

5 Things to Do Within 5 Years Prior to Retirement

No matter when you retire, you must take these five retirement planning steps to be prepared. Don't procrastinate! The sooner you work your way through these five steps, the sooner you'll be able to retire, and feel good about it.

From 55 to 75, Your Retirement Plan Timeline

Access to your retirement money and benefits is frequently tied to your age. Different rules apply to different ages and to different types of plans. This article covers a timeline from age 55 to 75, so you can see which rules apply at which ages.

Retire - How, How Much, and When

As I say in this article, "So how do you retire? It's simple, but not necessarily easy." Sometimes you have to get creative to figure out how to retire when you want to. Planning helps. Follow the simple (but not necessarily easy!) steps outlined in this article, and you'll get there.
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