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End of Life Decisions

Think Through End Of Life Decisions Such as When, Where and How


End of life decisions: deciding when, where, and how to die is a controversial topic. If you can’t live life in a meaningful way, you may decide you’re ready to go. Expect everyone to have an emotionally charged opinion about your end of life choices.

Below are some of the issues around death, assisted suicide and end of life care that, at one point or another, may be on your mind.

1. End-of-Life Decisions and Care

Most of us want to have a say how we spend the last days of our lives. Here you will find information about the dying process and instructions on how to make informed decisions for yourself or your loved one regarding care at the end of life.

2. Physician Assisted Suicide – A Controversial End Of Life Option

We have made great strides in improving end-of-life care through palliative care and hospice programs, but sometimes it's just not enough. The care we offer our elderly and chronically ill in America is still less than ideal. For many, physician assisted suicide is preferable to a slow, lingering and painful death.

3. Deciding to Withdraw Life Sustaining Measures

You hear about it on the news, you probably know someone who’s had to face it, or you might be facing it yourself. The end of life decisions of when to withdraw life support, or whether to begin it at all, is a sticky one, muddled with confusing terms and strong emotions.

4. Twelve Principles of A Good Death

Twelve principles of a good death were identified in The Future of Health and Care of Older People by the Debate of the Age Health and Care Study Group.

5. The Journey Toward Death

Death is a personal journey that each individual approaches in their own unique way. Nothing is concrete, nothing is set in stone. There are many paths one can take on this journey but all lead to the same destination.

6. Deciding Where To Die

Making the decision where to spend the last days of life isn’t always easy. Each choice has its pros and cons, and personal preference can sometimes be trumped by practicality.

7. Eliminating Autonomy – Should You Have The Right To Refuse Medical Treatment?

Scattered in the fallout of the Terri Schiavo case are a growing number of very radioactive statements by conservatives arguing that when people make decisions about end-of-life treatment which violates conservative Christian standards, then those decisions should be ignored.

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