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Social Security Office Locations By Nearest Zip Code

Find The Social Security Office Location Nearest You



Find your nearest Social Security office with their zip code locator.

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Social Security Office Locations By Zip Code

Social security office locations can be found by inputting your zip code into the social security office location web page at the link below. (BUT WAIT... if you are going to file for retirement benefits, before you go, make sure you are making decisions that will get you the most lifetime income possible. Check out one of these Social Security calculators to learn how.)


Social Security Office Locations Outside the U.S.

If you live outside the United States, there are social security field office locations in Canada, the British Virgin Islands, and Samoa. For these office locations and more information on social security international operations visit the web page at:


Before Visiting A Social Security Office Location Do Two Things

1. Before visiting a social security office location you may want to see what you can accomplish online by visiting the page below:


2. No one wants to make multiple trips to a social security office location, so before you go make sure you have the right documentation with you. Original documentation is usually required, so don't walk in with copies. For details on documentation needed for each service see social security’s list of top services on the left hand side of the homepage at:


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