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Social Security Calculators - Don't Claim Without Trying One First

A Good Social Security Calculator Can Help You Get More Lifetime Benefits


Social Security Timing

  • This Social Security calculator is for financial advisors but it has a FREE feature which shows a quick number which they call “what’s at stake” which is the difference in benefits you might receive between making a poor choice verses an educated choice as far as how and when to collect your Social Security benefits. They also list three strategies you might consider; to get to the details of the strategies you have to agree to be contacted by a financial advisor who subscribes to the full version of their software. (Guide disclosure: I subscribe to this software.)


  • This calculator is FREE. It provides useful information for three selected scenarios for singles and nine selected scenarios for marrieds. I find the way the information is presented makes it challenging to understand, but if you are an engineer, like spreadsheets, and/or are into math and finance, you'll be able to get a good overview of the difference in total benefits you might receive depending on which of the pre-selected strategies you follow, however, this calculator will not deliver some of the customized claiming strategies that can be delivered with a for fee calculator.

Social Security Optimizer

  • Although not an online calculator, this site offers you the ability to get a free report about your claiming options after inputting some basic information.


Social Security Analyzer

  • This is the financial advisor version of the consumer calculator called Social Security Solutions that is listed prior in the FOR A FEE section.

Social Security Timing

  • This is the full featured version of the calculator by the same name listed prior under the FOR FREE section. The full featured version is available only to financial advisors. They have a feature where consumers can use their free feature and then request to get in touch with an advisor who uses their software. (Guide Disclosure - I subscribe to this software.)

Maximize My Social Security

  • This is the same calculator listed by the same name in the FOR A FEE section. They also offer a separate subscription option for financial advisors.

Social Security Explorer

  • This is the latest calculator I have seen come out for financial advisors. I have not had a chance to check it out yet.


From the Social Security Office

  • The Social Security office has several online calculators. They are sufficient for understanding your own benefit amounts, but they do not allow you to calculate claiming strategies that can be used to increase the amount of benefits you may get.

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