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Social Security Calculators

Some Social Security calculators estimate your benefits. Others provide help and guidance. With the right Social Security claiming strategy you can get more benefits, so using the right calculator can pay off.

Get More Out of Your Benefits By Using a Social Security Calculator
The right Social Security calculator will help you get more out of your benefits. Don't claim without calculating first.

Estimate Social Security Benefits With These Online Calculators
The official Social Security website provides three free calculators you can use to help you estimate your future Social Security retirement benefits. The calculators are useful, but they are not providing information that is not already located on your Social Security statement, nor do they provide guidance or tools that can help you decide...

Finding the Right Social Security Calculator
There are two types of Social Security calculators. The first type simply provides you an estimate of your Social Security retirement benefits. The second type helps you decide when to collect your Social Security benefits so you get the most possible over your (and your spouse’s) lifetime(s).

The Social Security Decision Tool
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to retirement planning, and complex decisions like when to take social security, a video can be worth a thousand spreadsheets. Let me tell you, this video by MetLife rocks!

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