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Readers Respond: Plastic Surgery - What Would You Do?

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From the article: How To Look Younger
In a competitive market, let’s face it: how you look matters. How you feel about yourself matters too. And in today's world, with enough money, you can make significant changes to how you look... and to how old you look. How far do you go?

It's really a personal choice, and I'd like to hear your opinion. Would you spend the money on plastic surgery? Why... or why not?

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Limbal Rings Make You Look Younger

I just had the most amazing procedure done. It's called OPHTHOGLOW and it can permanently make your eyes more beautiful and keeps you looking young! It permanently implants a thicker Limbal Ring around your eyes which is the circle around your iris that diminishes with age. I did it after finding out that a thicker Limbal Ring makes you look younger, more attractive and also enhances the color of your eyes to make them stand out more. The procedure only takes about 15 minutes per eye and is painless. One very happy customer

Ageing Gracefully

The best way to be beautiful at any age is to eat plenty of nutritious organic veggies and fruit, drink lots of water, and exercise.
—Guest Kara

Why not?

I have a friend that had a face lift and she looks fantastic and definitely 20 years younger. I'm just 51 so I just did botox and fillers for the first time and I am very pleased with the results. I believe you should do what makes you happy and if your looks are bothering you go for it!
—Guest Debi, Single Mom of 4 boys


I am in my mid 50's and have been thought of as very pretty. I modeled furs in the 80's. I've gained weight and my face and neck have a slightly saggy double-chinned look. My chin is somewhat receding. Problem is, I don't have the money for plastic surgery and I am miserable. What are my alternatives to spruce my neck area up?
—Guest babs A

woman of 60

5 years ago I had a face and neck lift. My life had changed radically and I wanted to 'get my smile back'. I really didn't understand that I was doing this in an attempt to turn back the clock on events, not saggy skin. My Father had died, my husband left me for a younger woman, my kids were grown, my job eliminated. I felt eliminated. I won't kid you, it was painful to recover from and still bothers me with weird little nerve tweaks. It is an excellent job ($20,000) but I wouldn't do it again. I look easily 15 years younger and very natural. But I lost character traits, very small ones, but important. I'd rather look less perfect, less 'un-aged' and have a few furrows and sags. Best advice: use sunscreen, use Retin-A, no fillers or botox, enjoy the beauty you have gathered in your face. It truly is more than skin deep. I find that looking so young is actually rather annoying. I learned that I really like who I am and this is what I have and I am, and always was, who I am.

Do It

My husband passed away soon after we retired. Here I was in my late 50's, suddenly single again. I decided to have a face lift. The results were not as dramatic as I expected, but I would still do it all over again. Now, on the outside, I look more like I feel on the inside.
—Guest Carol

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Plastic Surgery - What Would You Do?

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