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Readers Respond: How to Fix Social Security

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Check out these proposals on how to fix Social Security. Would you prefer to increase the retirement age, lower benefits, raise taxes, or freeze the system for existing participants and start fresh with a better option? Which proposal to fix Social Security do you like best, and why? Or do you have your own? Below, please share your ideas and links to new proposals. Share Your Proposal


Term limits!!!!! Then those seeking office will only do so with the knowledge that they are not beholding to any ideology or party line and they can truly do the PEOPLES WORK without worrying about being re-elected.

Social Security Alternatives

Dana, I work with Fix Social Security Now. We provide one-stop shopping for people interested in reform. We review all of these plans. http://www.fixssnow.org/contentdetails_Alternatives_6.aspx One of the problems with the Barron's solution is that it is based on the 75 year solvency estimates rather than the long-term estimates.
—Guest Joe The Economist

Buy us out

I disagree with you on item 5. If I could take a lump sum instead of my Social Security benefits I would.
—Guest Joan

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How to Fix Social Security

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